Art Sleuth cultivates an online space that brings diverse artworks into the booming art scene and re-defines the art of looking at art. We believe art is passionate and personal – it is rare and beautiful that you can find a piece that resonates with you.

Our mission is to build a community that inspires and brings together artists and art lovers alike from all over the world. This global portal sees art as a language that transcends space and facilitates the connection among artists, collectors, interior designers, home lovers and you. A platform where technology truly meets art collecting.

Beyond just previewing the artwork images, we are an online marketplace where anyone can virtually explore décor tips to bring new life to their home space. It is only one click away from bringing home the various styles from the art world. With unparalleled expertise and passion, we promise to make selling and collecting art easier. Clients can trust and look to our encyclopedic knowledge of the art market in Asia. Our art advisors offer unbiased advice tailored to individual interest and unique tastes.

We foster our determination behind an ambitious vision that we can nurture the career of artists by exploring their ideas to the fullest and sharing our art market insights. We work closely with artists to help them achieve advanced recognition for the quality of their work. We acknowledge and realise the lasting aesthetic value, and hence we bring together collectors with shared interest who are in search for a meaningful art purchase.

Recently, we work directly with experienced collectors and owners who wish to sell their valuable art and build trusted relationships together. Our expert team helps explore the worth of their collection and guide them step by step with the right strategy, ensuring the bespoke commission process to be as seamless as possible. In a world where technology is reshaping how art is perceived, we strive to leverage the digital platforms to increase accessibility and share new artworks instantly on a global level.

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