Vincent Keele

Black and Blue

HKD 28,300.00
Acrylics on canvas
92 x 122 x 4 cm / 36.2 x 48.0 x 1.6 in
Executed in 2018

This is an original hand-painted acrylic painting with a high gloss finish with beautiful flowing textures. It’s signed by the artist Vincent Keele on both the lower left front and lower left back of the painting. It is ready to hang with D-rings and steel braided wire.

The artist feels the viewer should be left to interpret what they see and feel as they view the artwork. He loves to hear what people think about his paintings. He had so many great conversations from the viewers interpretations. However at the core of the painting, he focuses on life energy, mood, cognitive thought, and meditation.

About His Signature Orange Edges:

His orange edges pay homage to the artist of the renaissance era and the romantic painter Joseph Mallord Turner (J.M.W) who said, every painting should have a touch of red to make it complete. He found the color Vermilion to be the perfect mix of orange that he loves, and red that Mr. Turner felt was needed in a painting to call it finished. The orange edges are an identifying trait that signifies this is an original artwork, and the warm tone complements the body of the painting design. You can expect to find his signature orange edges on every original painting that he created.

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