Adam Collier Noel

Foundering: notation on the forgotten

HKD 49,800.00
Mixed media collage on panel
76.2 x 152.4 cm / 30.0 x 60.0 in
Executed in 2015

This is a very cool piece inspired by an antique, handwritten medical journal. The artist tore the pages apart and used them as the base collage. The images of the sailors were transferred on top of the collage and the resin crosses were tinted with pigment and stenciled on the surface. The crosses are actually raised from the surface. The whole piece is mounted on a high quality, hand-built cradled panel.

About the doctor and his journal:
Nelson Demosthenes Gaddy was born in 1832 in southern Indiana. After completing medical school the young graduate enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War and quickly climbed to the rank of Captain. During the only Confederate attack in Indiana it was Nelson Gaddy’s troops who helped to repel the invasion led by General John Hunt Morgan of the Confederate States of America.

Near the turn of the century Dr. Gaddy traveled to London by sailing ship to attend an International Medical Conference in London. He took notice of the refined men of status and class carrying gold-tipped canes. When it was announced that he would meet Queen Victoria, Dr. Gaddy would shake her hand while holding newly purchased gold-tipped cane.

Throughout his life and career Nelson kept a journal with him at all times. This handwritten medical journal is the base layer of Foundering: Notations of the Forgotten. Initially, I felt nervous about ripping apart this man’s life record on paper; however, I felt it was more important to honor Nelson’s accomplishments and contributions to this country in a work of art that will live on forever.

This piece is ultimately commemoration of the life and sacrifice of those who came before us. It serves as a reminder of the importance of paper as a record of human history, and the fleetingness of a life reduced to ephemeral moments.

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