Marcello Carrozzini

Il buon pastore protegge la pecora dal lupo

$1,545.00 USD
Mixed media on canvas
Diameter 50 cm / 19.7 in
Executed in 2020

The artist feels that he rather tells stories; his, yours… and these stories are triggered by a remote memory, from an old rediscovered book, an obsessive tune, a poem or a game that belongs to childhood. That child inside him asks for a story… and he writes him one! Not with words, but with his color palette, using the energy of his brushes and all the passion in his soul.
This highly symbolic painting is a metaphor for the instinctive need present in all creatures, and especially in humans, for the feeling of SECURITY. In fact, Wolves don't only exist in the forest, and any threat in modern society is seen as a potential Wolf. Faced with these threats and depending on the circumstances, we become alternatively a protected lamb or a protecting shepherd.

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