Wietzie Gerber


$1,797.00 USD
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40 x 4.5 cm / 15.7 x 15.7 x 1.8 in
Executed in 2020

Marigold, Your grassy hills and rolling fields.
Beneath you water rolls below
Keeping you lush, moist and lively
I part grass in your field of hair
Showing people the marigolds
You hid in your mind from the world.
Wisdom's a flower that ne'er wilts.
--Eroshu Homaj

Wietzie created Marigold with a palette knife, using a variety of marking techniques. Her marks express movement, stability and strength. This sumptuous textured surface gives life to her abstractions. In addition, the color, shapes, and the allusions in her title, lead you through the emotional subject of this work. There is a sense of radiance as the light moves through the painting.

Wietzie is inspired by the works of JWW Turner, who is known for his expressive colorisations, and imaginative landscapes.

The sides are painted.

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