Mara Ruehl

Relief „Re FZ-30“

$7,005.00 USD

Acrylic and gesso on wood
67 x 67 x 5 cm / 26.4 x 26.4 x 2 in
Executed in 2015

The enlivenment of the rigid, static picture plate striven for has led to the construction of coloured reliefs. The arrangement of identical bodies following a comprehensible system forms geometrical patterns; the use of wood platelets or plastic cubes more or less similar in design and stuck on in rows causes an additional rhythmicity of the painted area. The picture which has been extended to a relief also enables an attractive utilisation of the natural alternation of light and shadow.

This three dimensional relief-artwork is realised with polyurethane on wood. In order to get the special surface of this work the artist used heat and acid. After mounting and drying, the artist painted her relief works with airbrush and acrylic colours. This artwork has a gradient paint from black (on the left) and bright gray (on the right). So the work appears completely different seen from the left or from the right side.

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