Abhishek Kumar

Shimmering Spirit

$1,191.00 USD
Oil on canvas
88.9 x 147.3 cm / 35.0 x 58.0 in
Executed in 2019

Introducing Rainbow Trees To Maui

The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree was first planted in 1929 at Oʻahu’s Wahiawa Botanical Gardens as part of the reforestation efforts. Exactly how the rainbow (also known as painted gum) eucalyptus became introduced to the rainforest of Hana is unknown but some speculate it was planted in the 1930’s to control soil erosion due to over logging. The most well known grove of rainbow eucalyptus on Maui is located near mile marker 7 along the Hana Highway but these beautiful trees are scattered at several other locations including Ke’anae Arboretum and spots just before Hana town. They can be hard to spot in the dense rainforest so if you really want to be sure to experience these amazing trees up close try going on a road to Hana tour. This series is inspired from Eucalyptus tree.It is a phenomenon caused by patches of bark peeling off at various times and the colors are indicators of age. A newly shed outer bark reveals bright greens which darken over time into blues and purples and then orange and red tones.

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