Russell Miyaki

The Happy Corgi

$930.00 USD
Acrylic on wallboard
66.04 x 66.04 x 3.81 cm / 26 x 26 x 1.5 in
Executed in 2019

You may have a bad day. Your meeting didn't go well. The boss yelled at you. Your ideas were rejected. You got into an argument with your colleagues. You ran into an angry commuter. You didn't get the gig. But he doesn't care. He thinks you are the best ever. He greets you at the door as if you've been gone forever. He can't wait to jump into your arms. And he expresses it with such joy and love. I try to capture that emotional energy through color and stroke. I don't start with a drawing, I start with what the dog makes me feel through gesture and sound. And I build layers of color onto wall board because I want to be able to scrape and chisel through the layers so that the surface becomes part of the expression and not just a canvas. I do not define the eyes of my dog portraits because it limits the expression and I want the audience to interpret their own feeling of what the dog is saying to them. I am inspired by the energy of LeRoy Neiman and the expressive spontaneity of Basquiat.

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