Artem Brazhnik

Transformation of reality

$11,656.00 USD
Acrylic and golden leaf on canvas
144 x 120 cm / 56.7 x 47.2 in
Executed in 2018

The artist wanted to show our world from an unusual perspective. There is an established image of the world, which is convenient to be accepted as a reality. We feel ourselves placid when we see the map of our planet in any place. However, perhaps our world is not merely a picture or a topographical chart with a detailed representation of the surface and relief?

The painting shows an image of the earth linked to ancient symbolism and imaginative re-interpretation. The open eye – a symbol of energy and force – creates a perception of life. The torrent of tears shows everything that has occurred and what is still occurring in the world: wars, death, and the irrational attitude to the resources of our planet. The two figures of huge titans depict certain forces that are attempting to resist all the challenges and, in doing so, offer hope. The woman holding a jar - a symbol of the household, womb and source of life - shows that the energy and resources the Earth gives us should be exploited rationally, with care, and without damaging the Earth. Otherwise, the inevitable outcome will be huge losses expressed as the torrent of tears. The tree in the painting is the symbol of life and harmony with nature, and the bird is the symbol of a link to the supreme, knowledge and spirituality.

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